5 Reasons You Should Trust Your Printing Needs to the Professionals

Sending season’s greetings, warm wishes, and hopes of a happy holiday are typical around this time of year. Getting holiday cards from neighbors, friends, family members, and old coworkers is a normal thing to expect and some people love to display these on their fireplace mantel, the refrigerator, or on the office door. It is fun to see where your friends have been over the past year, what they have accomplished, and how much their children have grown. We all expect a handful of holiday cards to be sent to us during December, but what we may not always expect are holiday cards from businesses we often work with.

If you are a business owner, think about sending out holiday business cards. It may seem tacky and unoriginal, but it can help you stand out from the competition. Sending out a holiday business card can help to show your clients and other businesses you work with that you go the extra mile, and that you care about the partnership you have with them.

Most companies look for any way to cut costs, to include doing tasks themselves rather than outsourcing to other companies to handle things such as housekeeping, printing, and marketing teams. While this is a moderately effective way to cut costs, it does little to improve income. If you are a small business owner, your expertise is in your craft, while the other tasks should be left to the experts in their field. Here, we have a few reasons that your company benefits when you trust your printing needs to the professionals.


#1 Printing Takes Time

The entire process of creating and printing your product takes a considerable amount of time—time that could be better spent making improvements to your business or engaging with your clients. If you have already designed your project and it is ready to go to print, it may only take a day or two to produce a quality product. However, if you have a general idea of what you need — flyers, brochures, direct mail postcard — it will take a few days to write the content and design the formatting. Printing will take an additional day and if the product requires folding or binding, it can take a few additional days. This means almost a week of additional time for you!

#2 Finding the Perfect Materials

The paper and ink you chose for your printing project make all the difference. From the color to the grain to the gloss, the paper used makes a significant difference in the overall quality and look of the finished product. Printing professionals know paper and can select the best sheets to make your product perfect. When you hire a professional printing company, you’ll have access to all the products and materials as well as the design expertise.

#3 Save on Printing Costs

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that printing marketing materials, brochures, and signs on their own printers will save them money. However, when you add up the cost of paper, ink, and the time to process the products, you will have lost money in the long run, and for products that aren’t as high quality as what a printing shop can create.

#4 Save a Headache

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a professional printing company is that you get to avoid all the hassle. Let the professionals design and create the perfect product for you. They can handle the dirty work of printing, folding, and packing your products. The best part is if something does go wrong, the printing company will fix everything without a worry to you. Using the services of a local printing company is simple and easy.

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#5 Professional Results

When you trust a printing company, you have trusted business partners whose livelihood depends on the products that they print. When printing is all that you do, you do not let subpar printed products leave your door. Remember that for the printing company you choose, printing is not a part of their business, it is their business. Professional commercial printers have the ability to create a more polished product worthy of bearing your logo. That means you will get products that can withstand the test of time and will represent your company with impressive poise.

If you are considering doing in-house printing for your company’s projects, think twice about it. You do not want to compromise by skimping on printing important documents, promotional flyers, brochures, business cards, and direct mail postcards. Your printed products represent your business and you want the best product you can get. To get the best product, trust a commercial printing company, like House of Printing, Inc. Let us handle all of your printing needs. Give us a call for your estimate today.