Tips for Designing a Unique & Custom Letterhead



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Tips for Designing a Unique & Custom Letterhead

Your business sends out hundreds—potentially even thousands—of e-mails and letters every week. And other businesses do as well, which means your customers are constantly bombarded with ads and other marketing materials.

Not all those e-mails and letters will enjoy the privilege of being read. In fact, many won’t even be opened. Some recipients will promptly relegate them to the trash without so much as a fleeting glance. But if you want to make conversions and grow your business, it’s crucial that the correspondence you send out is given the time of day. How do you get people to pay attention to your brand’s messages, then?

A custom letterhead can make your business’s documents, emails, invoices, newsletters, and more stand out, and the more they stand out, the more interest they’ll receive from intrigued customers. Here’s how your business can personally benefit from a custom letterhead.

What Are Letterheads?

Letterheads are decorative headers normally located at the top of a sheet of paper. They include a business’s name, logo, address, and contact information. Most also feature a simple pattern or design. These headers are embellishments designed to make your business’s marketing material and other correspondence more visually appealing.

How to Design a Unique and Custom Letterhead

An innovative letterhead can make your business’s documents look more professional and trustworthy to customers. But how do you ensure your letterhead is noteworthy? Here’s House of Printing’s advice on creating a unique and custom letterhead for your business.

Integrate Your Branding

A successful letterhead will seamlessly integrate your business’s logo alongside other aspects of your branding in a creative and cohesive way. If there are certain colors, images, or phrases that you and your customers associate with your brand, try to include them in your business’s letterhead.

Keep It Simple

While you want to inject some creativity, you don’t want to go overboard with your letterhead. A letterhead should be bold enough to capture your customers’ attention but never so bold that it detracts from your main message.

Consider the Design Elements Carefully

By design elements, we mean the colors, imagery, and typography your business uses in its letterhead. You should put a lot of careful consideration into these elements. The combination you choose can either make or break your letterhead. The elements you choose should:

  1. Suit your brand
  2. Complement each other
  3. Look professional

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