Advertising With Rack Cards

There are many great ways to advertise and market you and your business, from business cards and newsletters to brochures and posters. One medium that often goes forgotten is rack card advertising. These cards are often found in hotels, convenience stores, landmarks, and other areas that see a lot of foot traffic. They are extremely popular in many industries but may not benefit all industries.

When designing a rack card, they should be colorful, attention grabbing, and offer quick and effective information. A well-designed rack card could help your business, expand your market, and gain you new customers. You can print your rack cards and many other printing projects at House Of Printing. At HOP, we can help your business thrive by printing anything and everything your company needs, including your unique rack card design ideas.

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There are many industries that can benefits from rack cards, the key is designing a rack card that people want to pick up. In this blog, we are going to cover rack card templates and the industries that can benefit from these simple forms of advertising.

Designing A Rack Card

Just like any other form of advertising, rack cards need to be designed in order to grab attention and get potential customers to respond. There are many things to consider when designing a rack card to make it stand out from the rest.


Think about a rack of rack cards. As you look through them, you are more likely to pick up the ones that are flashy, bright, colorful, and eye-catching. You are not going to pick up a white rack card, you may not even notice it. This is why it is important to make your rack card pop. You can design it to display the industry you are in, create a design around an event you are promoting, or design it just to capture attention.


Call To Action And Information

One of the most important aspects of gaining customers is the call to action, and rack card advertising is no different. Since the top of a rack card is the only part that shows as people walk by the rack, you want your call to action or some catchy slogan to be at the top. As people walk past the rack they are more likely to stop and pick up your rack card if it says something more than just your business name. Unless they are looking specifically for your industry, people are going to grab the rack cards that interest them.

Once you have a call to action at the top of your rack card, be sure to add information on the rest of the rack card that will give people all the information they need. Don’t overdo it with the info. As we said before, quick and effective information is better than a paragraph of info. Depending on what your industry is, your information on the rack card may differ, but it should be easy to process and offer potential customers the info they need. If you are advertising an event include dates, locations, and any other important information.

Let’s say you do tour guides for the Washington, DC monuments. An effective rack card design idea could simply have one of the monuments pictured on the card with a call to action or your slogan at the top. The rest of the card should have information about your tours, including a schedule, the price, the monuments visited, and your business information. This would be an effective rack card, giving customers all of the information they need and catching their attention.

Business Info

As we stated above, you will want your business info printed somewhere to create effective rack card advertising. This is important and needs to be done with every single industry. It seems like common-sense, but it is easy to forget the information that is the most important. Add your business name, logo, slogan, address if you have one, website, social media accounts, and phone number. This is a form of advertising, so make sure you are getting your name out there and getting new customers to know exactly where to contact you and where they can find you.


Many businesses and industries can benefit from rack cards, some more than others, but the design is what really will alter the effectiveness of the rack card.

Travel and Recreation

Hotels and airports are two locations that most everyone has seen rack cards. They are great for the travel industry and to advertise tourist attractions. If you are at a hotel and trying to find fun thing to do with the family, rack cards are a great place to start your search. Rack cards in hotels often advertise tourist attractions, landmarks, activities, and other local favorites. If you are in one of these industries, rack cards are a great way to bring tourists to your location. Having your rack cards displayed in a hotel can help to address your target audience as well. In airports, rack cards can display the same things, giving people a wider variety of landmarks and tourist attractions that may not be in the city they are staying in.

If you are in the travel or recreation business, and attempting to draw in more tourists or even locals, rack cards could help. These can be displayed in gas stations, gift shops, and many other locations helping to draw people in from many different areas. These industries generally use rack cards more often than others, so if you are in this industry, rack cards are a great way to start advertising and competing.



If you own a restaurant, brewery, food truck, or are the organizer of a food festival, rack card advertising is crucial. People need to eat and if they are looking for something new, your rack card may pop out to them as they walk through a gas station. Restaurants and other food related industries are easy to advertise with rack cards. There is not a lot of information that needs to be shared, making these perfect for marketing. Include the type of restaurant or event, some favorite items from the menu, the location, and other business information. That is about all you need to advertise your restaurant on a rack card.

Other Popular Industries

Like we mentioned before, just about any business can benefit from rack cards as long as you have a great design and effective information. Industries like photographers, nonprofits, therapists, lawyers, party and wedding planning, bakeries, and so many others can gain new customers from rack cards. The key is to design the perfect card.

Once your design is perfected, be sure to use House Of Printing to print your rack cards. We offer many different paper and ink types to give your rack card the look you want and help your business benefit from these simple forms of advertisement. We can help with all of your printing needs. Learn more about rack card design ideas and contact us today.