Digital Foiling vs. Block Foiling: The Difference

Foil printing is an easily recognizable printing technique with an attractive and exquisite aesthetic appeal. Metallic foil prints stand out vibrantly on business cards, invitations, and other special printed materials. At most printing companies, foil can add a finishing touch to your prints, whether that be with digital foiling or block stamp foiling. Here we will outline some clear distinctions between the methods in a general guide. Without further ado, let’s examine digital foiling vs. blocking foiling: the difference.

The Basics of Digital Foiling

Digital foiling as a print method is just as its name implies. That is to say—it’s completely digital. This technique is simple but effective, as the foil finish applies itself to the paper directly from a computer file. This file will tell the digital foil machine exactly where the foil finish needs to print onto the paper. Digital printing is extremely cost-effective and will have a faster turnaround time than traditional foiling techniques. The end product will be flat with lamination, without any texture or debossing, but it will be far easier to customize at a low cost.

The Basics of Traditional Block Foiling

Foil blocking, which is also called foil stamping, is a traditional process that has been used for hundreds of years. This printing technique applies a pigment or metallic foil finish to paper, whereupon a custom metal piece called a die block presses the foil onto the paper. The end result may have a higher price tag but will create finer artisan details and a professional look via the stamp debossing. This method is highly favored as it provides a top-quality and realistic finish.

Commercial Print Shop’s Foil Printing Methods

Now that you know the difference between digital foiling and block foiling, you can decide which innovative technique best suits your printing needs. The majority of commercial print companies will offer both techniques for added convenience in bringing any possible design or decoration ideas to life. Search for a full-service print shop with the right equipment and technology for the job.

At House of Printing, we offer gold foil printing services to add elegance and professionalism to your prints through either digital means or block stamps. As explained above, the selection of a particular method will affect the end result of the foil finish. The choice is yours to decide which option offers the best solution for your own print requirements. We will utilize either method to create products that directly suit a customer’s needs. Contact our experts to start your custom project today.