Easy Ways To Cut Your Printing Costs

Printing costs are ultimately a demanding cost for a company to consider and are even harder for a business to predict. Printing materials for marketing, advertising, and other needs are critical for business but tend to add up quickly. Such costs can spiral your budget out of control if not careful. Never fear—there are methods to help control the paper madness without loss to your business. Without further ado, here are a few easy ways to cut your printing costs to print at the lowest cost scenario.

Paper Saving Measures: Bulk or Combo Runs

Many print companies offer a discount for larger print runs. Instead of small runs overtime, a bigger bulk quantity will save time and money in the production process. A combination of several pieces onto one press will also make the project more economical in the long run. Not to mention that it will be an even faster and productive job. Use such measures for your print runs as an efficient, cost-effective strategy.

Economical Changes: Size and Settings

Another easy way to cut your printing costs is to get savvy to increase savings. Consider how you can initially reduce costs before even sending your project over to the printer. Can you reduce the number of pages somehow? Print double-sided? Shrink to fit or reduce the size a bit? You can often fit more content on a page by decreasing the width of page margins, slightly reducing the text size, or lessening the overall line spacing. As long as the text is still legible and logically organized, you can automatically save money with a simple adjustment.

Ask Early: Talk To Your Local Print Shop

Last-minute changes can be costly. Without a doubt, the best solution to reduce printing costs is to simply talk with a local print company from the start. Ask for paper suggestions for your project. Inquire if specific stock or size options can help save your business money. A good print company will offer solutions that suit your overall budget and needs without the sacrifice of the best quality materials.

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