EDDM Design and Size Requirements

Are you aware of the advantages of EDDM? EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. This method of a mail marketing campaign is run by the United States Postal Service. There’s no doubt in the overall affordability of this service for potential advertising prospects, but there are certain EDDM design and size requirements that you must be aware of and follow accordingly. Read on for a brief summary of these requirements.

Traditional Mail Marketing Strategies

Promoting your business or company to your local community is a vital part of creating a business strategy. While you can personalize regular direct mail and send it to specific customers based on demographics, EDDM presents a different opportunity by targeting a geographic area. Many businesses send out menus, flyers, coupons, and postcards to addresses in the community and neighborhoods near their business location. Whether you’re a pizzeria, nail salon, sub shop, or boutique, mailing out these promotional materials can draw in people who may become regular customers.

Why Use EDDM

Through EDDM, the post office lets you mail out promotional materials to potential customers without directly addressing them. You can choose which carrier route distributes the mail and, in turn, can target neighborhoods that will be the most relevant to your business. The process is simple but effective. Having the distribution work done for you effectively and economically allows you to focus on perfectly customizing and designing your marketing mail piece, so it grabs people’s attention.

EDDM Printing Requirements

EDDM adheres to highly specific requirements in order to ensure items are printed properly. The mailers you are choosing to send out must be the correct size to be accepted for postmarking, but it’s less complicated than you may think. Below are the EDDM design and size requirements and proportions:

  • Items must be more than 11 ½” long, more than 6 1/8” wide, or more than ¼” thick.
  • Your mailers must not exceed 15” in length, 12” in width, or ¾” in thickness.
  • Your size options can be small, medium, or large as long as the mail material fits these standards.

Designing your mailers according to these general size requirements is of the utmost importance. You wouldn’t desire to risk printing and paying for your materials only for them to be turned away. Similarly, you would not want the mail service to be unable to distribute your mail piece simply because they accepted incorrectly sized pieces by mistake. By knowing these guidelines, a printing service can provide you with straightforward production that will ease the entire mailing process so you can get your mailers out ASAP.

If you require assistance with an Every Door Direct Mail campaign or are interested in other marketing printing services, House of Printing has a quick turnaround to serve your business. We’re here to help.