Foil Sleeking vs. Foil Stamping

Incorporating shiny metallic gold into a design is the perfect accent for eye-catching sophistication. The icing on the cake is that any person can choose to do so. Fortunately, there is more than one singular method in commercial printing to provide such embellishments to paper. Foiling is no longer a sole option for those with big budgets or prodigious projects. A digital embellishment option called sleeking is sweeping the industry by storm.

Curious about this innovative technology? Let’s take a closer look at the varying distinctions between foil sleeking vs. foil stamping. Both their creation methods and overall effects are key considerations of which you should be aware.

Traditional Foil Stamping

Gold foil printing—aka hot foil stamping—is a process that’s been around for centuries. Traditional blocking utilizes metal dies known as blocks to apply foil directly onto the paper stock. Design elements utilizing this method will appear slightly textured or debossed. As a traditional tried-and-true method, hot foiling upholds its common perks, such as the precision of finer details. Finished results yield crisp prints in a variety of colors. However, hot stamping has its restrictions, including its overall cost and production time.

Digital Foil Sleeking

Foil sleeking is an alternative on-demand finishing solution. We can call the process state-of-the-art, as it uses modern printing technology to the fullest for prime innovation. Instead of utilizing traditional metal blocks and dies, sleeking is a completely digital method that creates spectacular special effects on a cost-effective budget. Sleeking technology creates these matte or metallic impressions either in spot locations or full coverage of a page.

Since there is no limitation to design, personalization is a major perk of this method. Without lavish setups, the possibilities are endless for whatever quantity one requires. Without the major makeready of blocks, customers can receive intricate foil designs at an affordable price—and without the wait of additional production time.

Commercial Printing Projects

When comparing foil sleeking vs. foil stamping, our hope is not to pit one method against the other. Each foiling method has its pros and cons to consider for your project. You should consider overall quantity, featured detailing and fonts, and color choice most of all.

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