How To Create and Use Foil Designs

Let’s face it: using metallic foil in designs is more than a mere trend. The sheer shimmer is an advantageous supplement that exudes pure sophistication and desire—but why? Humans are physically and emotionally drawn to all things shiny; it’s due to our very nature. As a matter of fact, this design element traces all the way back to around the 5th century, when hardbound book casings incorporated a gold leaf for a striking appearance.

Back in the day, original foil design applications were completed by hand using real gold, and this made the process both lengthy and expensive. Nowadays, foil designs are applied by machines and have an aluminum or tin base for greater affordability. Fortunately, anyone can choose to apply foil to anything without the process costing an arm and a leg. Are you wondering about the potential of foil applications for an upcoming project? Let’s take a closer look at how to use foil in your designs.

Professionalism: Typography and Layout Ideas

Metallic foil sleeking is an impactful means for drawing one’s gaze towards a printed piece or object. With a little thought, you can truly make your design shine—no matter if it’s an invitation, business card, envelope, package, or marketing material.

Using foil as a design element of topography is a clever idea. Yet, the process does have its list of certain limitations. Typescripts typically appear larger, so choose an appropriate font and style that suits both your aesthetic and material. Any words rendered in foil should be the biggest on the paper and relatively easy to read. As a design consideration, focus on the layout and spacing out the type for readability. With some attention to detail in your foil design, you can ensure a cleaner, cohesive copy.

Creativity: Keep Simplicity in Mind

Simplicity is key when you’re wondering how to use foil in your designs and graphics. Keep your main colors to a maximum of two or three in your design scheme. Your unique metallic finishes will provide a more attractive print quality without excessive emphasis or melodrama, like a sleek gold foil business card design. That being said, foil designs do collaborate well with other printing processes such as embossing and letterpress. Feel free to use creativity to construct coordinating contrast and complements.

Talk To a Printing Expert

To enhance your creative design project, reach out to a local printer about digital foil printing. Numerous printing companies use diverse machinery and techniques and can offer guidelines. Here at House of Printing, we offer traditional foil stamping alongside our digital foil printing, also known as foil sleeking.

With this new and improved foiling service, you can achieve your desired design results. Spot sleeking can easily add a metallic finish to a logo, image, or text to highlight key aspects of your project through a variety of metallic foils and holographic impressions. Complete our online form for your custom project today.