How to Design a Wedding Invitation: Top 9 Tips

December is one of the most popular months to propose. With winter engagements, this gives couples enough time to plan for a mid to late summer wedding! So if you are in the middle of planning, you have probably booked a venue already, figured out your theme or colors, and have narrowed down your guest list. Another big step in planning a wedding is having invitations created in time for them to be sent out between six and eight weeks before the big day!

Wedding invitations provide a fun and exciting opportunity to show off your theme, colors, and sets the tone for the event. Whether it’s vintage/hippy or classic/romantic, the details of the invitations are incredibly important! So how do you create a design that captures the guests’ attention? What information should be on the invitation? The team at House of Printing offers wedding invitation help for your special day. When it comes time to have your invitations printed and mailed, get in touch with our Burtonsville print shop.

How To Design Wedding Invitations: Top 9 Tips

  • Narrow down your theme and styles
  • Pick your colors
  • Determine the size and shape
  • Consider the effects
  • Choose the wording
  • Consider the font
  • Consider the layout
  • What are the details?
  • What to order

Narrow Down Your Theme and Styles

Like we said above, the invitation is a preview for guests into the theme and style of the wedding itself. More relaxed designs will signify that the wedding will be more casual. Refined and elegant designs will point to a more traditional wedding.

Pick Your Colors

The wedding invitation design will feature your wedding colors, whether it’s the color of the actual paper, background designs, or in the font itself. Choose colors that work well for your theme, the season, and ones that represent your personalities. You’ll also want to be sure that you are confident in your color selection before you start designing the invitation.

Determine the Size and Shape

There isn’t a standard size for wedding invitations, so you can go however big or small you want! The key is not to make it so big that it’s obnoxious or too small so that there isn’t enough space for all the necessary information. The more design elements you want to include, such as a photograph, graphic designs, or event details, the bigger the invitation will need to be.

Consider the Effects

Sure, an eye-catching design will have some color, fun fonts, some graphic designs, maybe some photographs of the happy couple — but there are other effects that print shops offer. Look into gold foil stamping or digital sleeking, these techniques use foils to highlight certain designs or information on the invitation. Turn a traditional, or dare we say boring, invitation into a work of art!


Choose the Wording

This is another formal vs. casual option. There are dozens of ways to phrase the invitation, so look for a variation that you feel comfortable with. A more traditional option is to say your parent’s names “request the honor of your presence.” Or you can simply say “please join us in celebrating our love.” Don’t feel you have to go one way or the other, but do what reflects you as a couple.

Consider the Font

Overall, the font should be large enough to read easily, not too small so that it leaves a lot of empty space, and it should be a style that is simple, but not boring. Sounds easy enough, right? If you need tips for selecting a font, get in touch with House of Printing for wedding invitation help.

Consider the Layout

Invitations are typically arranged in the center, but again, you can create it however looks best for you! For fun styles, add a curve to the lines, think about the spacing, and be careful how much information is on each line.

What are the Details?

Make sure to include the mandatory wedding invitation details:

  • The date and time
  • The location of the ceremony and reception
  • RSVP date
  • Response card
  • Postage

Before you send the invitation to the print shop, double and triple check that all information is spelled correctly, addresses are correct, and you have the right time and date.

What to Order

Along with the actual invitation, you’ll need the response card with its own envelope. You’ll want to order about a dozen extras just in case as well. If you’re having the envelopes professionally addressed, be sure to double and triple check that all addresses are correct and updated.

The final step is choosing a print shop that provides exceptional service and products. House of Printing is located in Burtonsville and offers free shipping to the Washington and Baltimore areas. You can count on us to help you with every last detail. Get in touch with our team today!