How To Design Print Materials for Foil Stamping

Incorporating foil into print designs has been on-trend since at least 2019. Everyone loves a little sparkle in their life! A touch of shine separates your materials from others in the crowd; people will remember your invitation or business brochure if it catches their eye. Learn how to design print materials for foil stamping and really wow your intended audience!

Consider Size

When designing detailed work for digital foil printing, such as crosshatched shadows or lacy accents, avoid going too thin with the linework. Foil works best in larger areas. Consider using foil to accentuate thicker portions of your design, and make sure your lines don’t get thinner than 0.5pt. Fonts should be at least 8pt in size.

Choose Paper Wisely

Foil designs adhere most reliably to smooth paper stock with a little heft to it. If you’re working with a more detailed design, choose the smoothest paper possible. But if your heart is set on a heavier textured cardstock, go easy on the foil. Avoid fussy designs on textured paper, as they’ll get lost in the bumps.

Know Your Fonts

Scripts and scrollwork take foiling fairly well and are popular options for wedding invites or thank-you notes. However, thicker sans serif fonts will bring that foil to the front and center. Consider the vibe you want your print materials to have, and avoid using foil for teeny-tiny accents or details. If your font size is smaller than 8pt, the text will get lost in the foil.

Talk To Your Printer

House of Printing’s digital foil printing experts are always ready to help you realize your vision. Stay in contact with your printer to ensure that your end product meets your expectations. Foil stamping can affect the alignment of the words on the page, and we can correct that issue. If you’re using an unusual foil color or finish, ask for a sample to see what it looks like on the page. The more involved you are with your printer and the more questions you ask, the more satisfying your end result will be.

Designing print materials with foil accents can be an engaging and collaborative process. Learn more about graphic design by doing it yourself! Partner with House of Printing, and we’ll help you design print materials for foil stamping that will really grab your intended audience’s attention.