Paper Folding Options for Commercial Printing

In the commercial printing industry, print designs and styles are endless—any folding option may be feasible for your needs or desires! Whichever essential paper product your business or organization may need, there are sure to be commercial printing services available to help save you time, money, and stress.

After you’ve printed your projects, ensuring a crisp fold on every item seals the deal. Presentation is key. There are numerous basic folding options you can select from. Read on for a beginning reference guide of some of these common paper folding options for commercial printing.

Standard Folding Options

You may know the first type of fold from your primary days—hamburger style, not hot dog style. A half-fold requires simply folding the paper in half from left to right. This single-fold option can be best for event programs, invitations, or business information, providing four usable panels for graphics and words.

The widely known trifold is a popular option for brochures or business information. Presenting the reader with six panels, you can adapt this fold with additional panels. Another common folding choice for brochures is the gatefold—opening up from either side as a gate would, revealing space in the middle. This option is perfect for showcasing photographs. The gatefold can be open-gate, with six panels, or can be closed-gate, with eight.

Other Simple Folding Options

Beyond the above standard options are those with different names in the industry. One of these paper folding options for commercial printing is the accordion fold, which expands just as you imagine—stretching out like an accordion. The accordion fold has options for up to ten panels. Z-folds are exactly as you imagine as well—folding out in the shape of the letter Z. The roll fold is another alternative you can adapt with the number of panels you require. The paper folds in on itself multiple times so that the information reads out when one rolls it out fully.

Commercial Print Folding

Folding technology at a printing shop can adapt and adjust to any of the listed paper folding options. If you are searching for a company for the production of your project, a solid solution is within reach. Partnering with online printing companies such as here at House of Printing ensures your creative piece will turn out as wonderfully as you picture it.

Finishing service experts are available to make your materials stand out in the crowd—not only with colorful hues and crafted quality but also with the folding strategy you have chosen. Inquire about a possible collaboration and the capabilities of a folding machine at online commercial printing companies today.