Print Marketing- How a Print Marketing Campaign Helps Grow Your Business

Imagine for a minute: you are sitting in your favorite pub, enjoying your favorite microbrew. As you pick up the frosty mug and take a sip, you read the logo on mug is some nondescript vodka company, and you think to yourself that a mixed drink does sound nice right now. You replace the glass on the coaster, stained and boasting some wing restaurant you’ve never heard of, just as your stomach rumbles. You ask the bartender for a menu, which is just printed on computer paper, crinkled and stained from use. You think to yourself that it doesn’t really matter, it’s just bar food anyway, it’s not meant to be good.

If You Print It, They Will Come.

Print marketing is extremely effective in building small businesses with little effort. When most people think of print marketing, they think of direct mail marketing and flyers (which we can do to!), but it can be so much more! We have compiled a list of the ways that print can help build your small business, without breaking the bank. Even if you have very successful digital marketing campaigns — email, social media, website — adding print campaigns will make your efforts that much more effective.


Business and Loyalty Cards

As we have entered the digital era, business and loyalty cards are still effective marketing tools. Customers are free to grab several to share with their friends and you can easily hand them out at social gatherings. List all of your contact information as well as how to access your digital marketing campaigns. Loyalty or reward cards are perfect for getting repeat business. Even if you offer a minimal percentage off the total purchase after the tenth purchase or a set dollar amount, guests will feel better about spending more and spending with you exclusively. The loyalty card also has all of your company’s information on in in the event they’d like to share with friends, effectively building your client base. The more creative and professional your cards are, the more likely people are to remember it and share it.

Branded Promotional Items

Branded promotional items have the power to be very impactful. Recall the opening example of you enjoying your frosty brew as you recognize all of the print marketing that you’ve never really noticed. In the service industry, it is easy to use print to make an impression, from brands printed on glasses and t-shirts to coasters and menus. These print items present your business and are important in making the right impression. Other promotional items include pens and other gimmies that people love. Hats, chapstick, frisbees, and tote bags are common items to print a company logo on. Consider what your company is and what the most useful product would be to market your brand.

Direct Mail Marketing

One study published by the United States Postal Service suggested that nearly 80 percent of consumers at least scanned advertising that was delivered by mail and agree that it is more convenient than going online. Another study by the Direct Marketing Association suggested that direct mail marketing is nearly seven times more effective than all digital marketing avenues, combined. Brochures and magazine style advertisements are effective. Personalized appearing letters on company letterhead in branded envelopes creates a good impression. Postcards are one of the most inexpensive and effective methods of direct mail marketing. The additional benefit to using postcards over another form of print media, is everyone along the way also gets to see your marketing efforts and if, by chance, the postcard doesn’t make it to the intended destination, whoever’s hands it does land in can enjoy your marketing campaign.

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Posters, Banners, and Flyers

People are constantly reading everything in their line of vision. It is a subconscious occurrence that we can’t control. Our eyes see, our brains process. For this reason, posters, banners, and flyers will always be a very effective marketing technique. Even in a digital world, where online ads and searches are the most common ways to find things, a poster brings the information to anyone who passes by, and they don’t have to search for it. Posters, flyers, and banners help to share your information quickly, in just a glance, like a short announcement. Offer the solution to a problem consumers didn’t even know they were thinking about, until they saw your sign.

The print marketing industry is a very important part of growing your small business. When you are ready to print your brand, it is recommended to trust a professional printing company to handle it for you. Designers can help you create the perfect print products and launch your brand. If you are looking for a printing company in Washington, call us at House of Printing, Inc for your free estimate. We will handle all your company’s printing needs while you kick back and enjoy your microbrew.