Print Products & Print Advertising for Events

Whether it’s a trade show, a product launch party, or a community event, summer is a great time to plan events that will increase your business’s brand awareness. However, planning an event is so much more than just reserving a venue and telling people to show up. There is a variety of promotional event items that will help people understand the point of the event, when and where it is, and others. Here’s a look at some of the print advertising for events you’ll host this summer.

Print Shop Supplies For Your Next Event


Depending on what your event is, you can ask local businesses if you can display your event’s flyer to spread awareness. While this is an old-school way to advertise, it is nonetheless effective, especially when the design is eye-catching and the information is easy to read. Flyers can also be put directly into the mail, handed out on the street, or the same design can be used online or in emails. Flyers typically use a sturdy but flexible paper and can range in sizes.



If your event is on the formal side, you may consider sending a formal invitation. From business dinners to anniversary parties, make guests feel special and invitations also provide a great opportunity to set the tone for the event. To make your invitations stand out, print shops have a variety of techniques that can make the text pop, including sleeking and gold foil stamping. These techniques allow text or other parts of the design to stand out, highlighting that information.


Themed events with slogans can benefit from event advertising products that hang near the entrance. Create a banner with your business name and logo on it. The benefit of creating a branded banner is that it can be reused over and over again. Banners can range in sizes, but typically start at 10’ x 3’ but can be as large as 20’ x 25′. If you’re looking for a sturdy material that you can trust will last for years, a great option is vinyl, but polyester is also an option. Most print shops offer banners as a part of their services.

Foam Core Posters

Great for trade shows and product launches, foam core posters are a very effective way of presenting information, whatever it may be. They are available in any size, can be used many times, and offer a lightweight but durable option over the typical flimsy poster board material. With foam core posters, the image is printed on top of a layer of polystyrene foam clad, offering bright colors on a sturdy back.

Thank-You Poster

For fundraising or awareness events, thank you posters provide an opportunity to thank your sponsors and the people who have helped your organization throughout the years. These printed posters don’t need to be large, but put together in a way that recognized the efforts of businesses or people who worked behind the scenes.

Step and Repeat Backdrop

What better way for people to enter your event than with a step and repeat backdrop? Whether your backdrop features your business logo, the name of the event, or a slogan, the repeated graphic backdrop is perfect for publicity photos and photography. Just be sure to get a few photos of some of the most important people at the event that can be shared on social media. Those photos are another great way to raise awareness for your business.

Thank-You Cards

These don’t need to be handwritten letters, but a quick postcard saying “thank you for coming” or “we hope to see you soon” is the perfect way to close the event. When designed correctly, these postcards can provide guests with a memorable takeaway.

Business Cards

Business cards aren’t necessarily for the event in itself, but anyone who wants to network should have a supply of well-designed cards. Designing a business card is a blog post in itself—there are a variety of card types, sizes, shapes, fonts, and print techniques that can be used to present the most impressive card.

There are a variety of options when it comes to printing materials and projects when designing print advertising for an event. Make sure that you’re purchasing from a print shop that is reliable, experienced, affordable, and offers the technology and services you need.

Our Burtonsville print shop offers our customers the technology and customer service you need for any and all of your print projects. Whether you’re looking to print a brochure for your front office, business cards for an event, or vinyl banners, we have everything you need. In addition to our services, we also offer a range of printing techniques to make your designs stand out. For your next event, reach out to House of Printing today.