Reasons To Send Holiday Business Cards

Sending season’s greetings, warm wishes, and hopes of a happy holiday are typical around this time of year. Getting holiday cards from neighbors, friends, family members, and old coworkers is a normal thing to expect and some people love to display these on their fireplace mantel, the refrigerator, or on the office door. It is fun to see where your friends have been over the past year, what they have accomplished, and how much their children have grown. We all expect a handful of holiday cards to be sent to us during December, but what we may not always expect are holiday cards from businesses we often work with.

If you are a business owner, think about sending out holiday business cards. It may seem tacky and unoriginal, but it can help you stand out from the competition. Sending out a holiday business card can help to show your clients and other businesses you work with that you go the extra mile, and that you care about the partnership you have with them.

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Builds Relationships

Sending a holiday card is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and customers. You will be able to reach all of them at once, maintain relationships with the ones who have been working with you for a while, and build stronger relationships with the new clients. This is a great way to reconnect with other clients who may not have worked with you in a while, reminding them that your business is still available to work with. Holiday cards can show customers which businesses care and which don’t. They will feel special when they receive a card wishing them a happy holidays and seasons greets. Even if your holiday card doesn’t end up hanging on the fridge, it will help them remember you the next time they need the service you offer.


Great Marketing Strategy

You are going to market anyways, so why not use holiday business cards to market? This will help make your marketing seem more personal, allowing you to reach current clients as well as potential clients. Rather than sending out the typical flyer, send out a holiday greeting card, adding to the holiday spirit and getting to reach different types of clients.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Yes, it is true that your competitors will also probably be sending out holiday business cards. This is just another reason why you want to send one out as well. If your competitors get a card to your client, but they don’t receive one from you, you may end up losing your client’s business. Many businesses send holiday cards out to their customers; sending out one of your own will help to stay up with the trends and keep your clients satisfied. But you also want to make sure your holiday card stands out from the rest. There are different ways you can create a holiday card that is unique and is better than your competitors, keep reading to learn more!

Make It Personal

A holiday card that is more personalized and catered to your company will help to make sure your card stands out. Like we mentioned before, people get holiday cards from just about everyone during the month of December. Making your card unique and personal can help to keep it from the throw away pile. Don’t send a generic “Season’s Greetings From Our Family To Yours” or “Happy Holidays” card. Send a card that shows character and a personal touch. For example, if you are a roofer, send a holiday card that shows a destroyed roof thanks to Santa’s sleigh with a cheese and creative tagline. This is more memorable and personal to your business and company than a traditional holiday card. Create a card that shows you grandparents, the people who created the business with a story about them or their holiday traditions. These are the types of things that will give your holiday card a boost and help you make it on the fridge, and keep your clients coming back for more!


Pick a Different Holiday

A majority of people celebrate Christmas but with so many different religions and cultures becoming more prevalent in the US, the go-to term is “Happy Holidays”—including everyone and allowing you to target more people with a single card. But, as mentioned above, all of your competitors are also sending out holiday cards. Be a little different and bold and choose a different holiday to send out your cards. Send your holiday card out early and wish your clients a happy Thanksgiving. Or send them a card for New Year’s Day—this one works well because other companies may just send one cards saying “Happy Holidays” which could include New Year’s. But receiving a card right before or a few days after New Year’s will give your clients a fresh dose of your business while your competitor’s cards are already being forgotten about. If you own a business that does best around a certain time of year or a certain holiday, be sure to send a holiday card out for those holidays. You can send this card out instead of or in addition to the Christmas card to get a different message across and to target more people. You want to be noticed right along with your competitors, but you also want to stand out!

Add Foil

As mentioned before, sleeking, or foil stamping, is a great way to add unique design and detail to your prints. House Of Printing offers many different printing services with high quality products, but one thing that makes us stand out is our ability to add foil stamping to just about any of your printing projects. Add silver snowflakes, gold borders, or a gloss coat to your holiday cards to make them even more eye-catching. This will help them stand out from your competitors.

If you need your holiday business cards, or any other printing project, printed with quality products, let House Of Printing help! We offer the best services and can print just about anything! Contact us to learn more and request a quote today!