Reasons Web-to-Print Projects Fail

Web-to-print solutions are trendy right now; they’re easy, user-friendly, and can produce quality results. They are a boon to many businesses! However, when you’re using web-to-print services for your business’s marketing materials, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. What service will you use? How will you design your materials? House of Printing offers premier web-to-print solutions, and we’ll set you up for success—by giving you a few reasons web-to-print projects fail. Avoid these pitfalls and print smart!

Investing “Just Because”

When you hear that web-to-print is popular, you may want to implement it for your business mostly for that reason. You want to be on-trend, right? There must be a reason so many people are using this technology. However, think about your business’s needs before you make the investment. Are you going to remain a part of the process, or will you leave the responsibility to a tech-minded team and forget about it?

Getting Too Technical

Web-to-print services are incredibly simple—you just ensure that the image looks the way you want it to and upload the file, and we take care of the rest—but it’s easy to get caught up in the technology behind the process. Your sales department doesn’t need to know all the ins and outs of how web-to-print works. It’s best to focus on the project itself, not how the printing logistics work. Excessive focus on the technology will distract your sales team, and they need to focus on the customer’s needs and expectations first and foremost.

Lack of Customer Focus

Tied into the above, when your sales team is immersed in web-to-print technology, they may leave customers feeling like they’re not a priority to your business. However, House of Printing’s e-commerce web-to-print solutions offer excellent customer service and top-tier attention to detail. You’ll remain a part of the printing process while making sure your customers are satisfied.

When using web-to-print technology for your business, remember not to get caught up in it. Web-to-print is a crucial service to many companies, and House of Printing provides quality printed materials and will help you provide excellent service. When you know why some web-to-print projects fail, you can more easily avoid those pitfalls and prepare for a successful business venture.