The Advantages of Digital Printing for Businesses

Digital printing has changed the printing game over the years and will continue as technology progresses. Digital printing is faster and more convenient than traditional printing because it increases speed, provides higher quality colors, and has 100-percent consistency.

Your business could benefit from what digital printing offers, especially if you need something printed the same day. If you’re on the fence about incorporating digitally printed items into your business, here are the advantages of digital printing and how it works to help you decide what is best for you and your business.

How Does Digital Printing Work?

Digital printing is a relatively simple process. An image is sent to the printer using a PDF, PSD, TIFF, or another digital format file. There are no pre-press stages or messy formatting equipment; it’s solely online. Digital printing is best for small quantity orders with high amounts of color and detail.

Why Should Your Business Choose Digital Printing?

Digital printing is the new standard for the printing industry because it provides more choices, flexibility, and features. People expect today’s printing materials to be high quality, color matched, accurate, and cost effective. This is everything digital printing offers.

The Benefits of Digital Printing

The advantages digital printing offers to your business range from versatility to timeliness. If you’re still unsure about switching from traditional to digital printing, you should look at the top benefits of this printing method.


Digital printing doesn’t require additional costs to create complex or specific designs since everything gets formatted online. This printing method offers more cost-effective solutions, especially if you’re printing a small number of materials.

Fast Turnaround Rate

Since digital printing doesn’t require additional steps like pre-press procedures, the setup time is lower. This means we can start the printing process the same day we get the order!

We offer commercial same-day printing services for those who want their prints as soon as possible.

High Quality

Digital printing offers outstanding quality and consistency over other traditional methods. The colors show up perfectly, and there are never issues with harsh lines or inconsistencies in your designs. If you order 15 brochures, all 15 will look exactly the same.


At House of Printing, we provide the most affordable solution for your printing needs and take pride in our high-quality prints. You can print anything from business cards to marketing materials. If you need something for a meeting or event, we can print it for you.

There’s no reason why you should have to pay exorbitant prices for low-quality prints. Since 1972, House of Printing has continued to change the game by providing high-quality prints for businesses. We take pride in offering various products, including newsletters, letterheads, business cards, and more. If you’re interested in digital printing, then contact us today!