The Effects of Paper Weight on Printing

All paper is not created equal. This fact is apparent no matter if you’ve been working with the paper industry for a while or are new to the numerous benefits and services they provide. Quality printing paper options are truly limitless based on the materials being printed, the available paper stock, and their own specialized uses and purposes. To better understand how paper weight affects printing, let’s examine the numerous paper options you can choose from and how that choice affects quality.

What Exactly Is Paper Stock?

Paper stock is simply another way to describe a particular type of paper. Paper is produced within a wide range of different textures, finishes, colors, and weights. Paper stock classifications are initially determined by weight, which is used to describe overall thickness and sturdiness.

Consider the distinction between flimsy print paper used in offices and nice, solid stock that cards are printed on. One is simply not like the other. Some people believe paper stock weight doesn’t actually affect printed quality, but rather that it influences the way the printed material is perceived as it’s held. The quality of printing paper highly influences a person’s feelings and perceptions of the given printed materials.

The Quality of Printing Paper

Paper stock weight is a determinable factor to consider for quality. If you desire to understand how paper weight affects printing, you must know how to describe paper weight. Paper stock options come with a lot of confusing numbers, so it’s best to think in terms of function. Specific paper weights are best suited for special printing materials. What particular products are you looking to print out? Perhaps photos, flyers, business cards, or brochures? A business card’s paper weight will be different than that of a flyer or brochure.

Each of the above items will have a varying weight or thickness associated with a certain feeling. This feeling is what makes a person determine its quality. Your choice of paper weight is a direct statement made about yourself or your company. Hence, it’s important to pick the right paper weight for printing to ensure a top-quality feel.

Weight Equals Impact

Selecting a particular paper weight for printing can be difficult without prior knowledge of the many options available. There should always be a clear reason behind the chosen thickness of paper stock for a greater impact. If you choose to utilize web-to-print services from online printing companies, you should make clear to the print shop who your intended audience is to produce the best final results.

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