Tips to Designing an Effective Flyer

Whether you are advertising a sale, event, or a new product sold at your business, a flyer may be your way to spread the word. Even in the age of technology, effective flyers for businesses still work wonders and can be used to benefit your company. They’re perfect for getting your message across quickly and should catch people’s attention and get them to act. A successful flyer needs to be thought out and well-designed.

Making an effective flyer may seem like a simple task, but once you sit down to get started, you may find that you have no idea how to start or finish. You may want to add a bunch of colors and details, you may want to keep it simple, or maybe you want to add some pictures. Whatever your design ideas may be, the first thing you need to do before going any further with the design is to plan your content and message.

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In this blog, we are going to talk about flyers and give you tips on how to design them and help make them successful. Read on for flyer design tips and ideas, and start planning your flyer design now!



Before you start focusing on color themes and images, think about why you are creating a flyer for your business in the first place. Are you promoting a special upcoming sale? Are you advertising an event? Is your company opening in a new location? The purpose is the most important part of the flyer: you want your message to get across and to be convincing enough to attract people to come to your event or sale. While the design matters in this, the content is what truly matters.

When you are writing the content for the flyer, there are a few things you want to be sure of. Envato Tuts+ offers a checklist to help you get your content perfected. This checklist includes:

  • Keeping information concise- only use essential information
  • Making information easy to read- use large font and big headings
  • Making contact and other important info easily accessible- make dates, website addresses, and other info bold
  • Applying “What You See Is What You Get”- put images of products if you are selling products

These flyer design tips should help you create the content for your flyer and ensure that it is just right. You don’t want too much wording, too many bullet points, or headings that are too small. Try to make it short, sweet, and to the point while making sure people understand what you are advertising.

Get Creative

Now that you have your content nailed down, it is time to start planning the design and layout. Think about how you want the content laid out. Do you want the heading at the top, like most people would expect it to be? Or do you want the heading in the bottom corner, bringing in a different element of creativity?

When it comes to a flyer, you can get as creative as you want and break all the rules that you have to follow in other forms of print. You can add blurbs of text in different areas, you can make the heading take up half of the flyer. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and start testing different layouts to see what works! You can find free flyer layouts from Lucidpress and find something that you love!

Make It Match

This may be obvious, but you also have to think about your business while planning your flyer design. You aren’t going to make a corporate flyer extremely fun and colorful. A photographer is, hopefully, going to add some of their photos on the flyer to advertise their work. A flyer for an event will hopefully show pictures of the event from last year or another event. You want your flyer to match your business style, environment, and services.

This includes everything from the font and colors to the layout and images. If you work for a professional business, make your flyer more professional. If you work for a fun and laid-back business, make your flyer match those tones.


Be Bold

When creating a flyer for your business, make it stand out and memorable. You want people to look at your flyer and be interested by it. Add colors! This can even work for a professional corporate flyer, you just need to pick the right colors. Make your flyer flashy and stand out from any others. A boring and colorless design will make your flyers less effective.

While you may get bold with the colors and the layout, you want to be sure the the design balances out. You want your design to flow and look even throughout the entire flyer. Unless it is a strategic design element, don’t place all of the design towards the bottom of the flyer and leave the top full of white space. This is not an effective design and will throw people off.

Find a Printer

You want your flyers to be high quality and look professional. Hiring a printing company to help is an important step to creating effective flyers for your business. Printing on cheap printer paper can make your business appear less professional. Print on thick, glossy paper that people will associate with a professional business.

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