Types of Foils Used in the Foil Stamping Process

Foil stamping, or foil printing, as it’s also known within the industry, is a widely utilized printing design technique. The general approach to foil stamping involves a distinct process for final production. Metallic or other varieties of foil are applied to a paper surface to produce a marvelously decorative finish. Compared to printing, the dry application process of foil stamping is traditionally completed with the use of particular types of dyes and administered heat and pressure.

This versatile technique involves different strategies—either traditional or digital stamping—and an array of differing foil categories to produce the desired result of a project. Typically, foil stamping is desired for printing on wedding invitations, stationery, business cards, or other special occasion cards. Read on to discover further info about the types of foils used in the foil stamping process.

Metallic Foil

Also known as metalized foil, metallic foil is the most regularly chosen material for foil stamping. The surface of this foil is comparable to aluminum foil in that it has a very metallic look to it. It is for this reason that it’s so highly coveted. Most foil suppliers will offer the common metal colors of silver, gold, bronze, and copper. In addition, colored foils such as blue, green, or metallic red may be available to add supplementary pizzazz.

Pigment Foil

These foils are usually applied for a subtle contrast in design, as they have no metallic sheen to them. Characterized by a matte or gloss finish, pigment foils are available in many colors and can be used on paper and plastics alike. They’re incredible for affixed texture.

Pearl Foil

Another of the main types of foils used in the foil stamping process is the pearl foil. This translucent foil presents a beautiful pearlescent shine. Distinctive at first glance, this foil is often utilized in wedding invitations or other formal event designs and only truly stands out on lighter-colored paper.

Scratch-Off Foil

Think of lottery tickets, cards, or coupons that offer a certain percentage off your purchase—this foil stamping is just as purposeful as its given name hints. The particular design is stamped on so it can be removed as easily as it was applied. The effect is simple but effective.

Holographic Foil

Holographic foil is exactly as you’d imagine it to be, creating a stunning rainbow effect with the ability to reflect colors in the light. You’ve surely seen this unique 3D pattern before on identification cards. It’s even used to increase flair on collectibles such as baseball or football cards, Pokémon cards, or other specialized promotional items.

No matter the type of foil used in foil stamping, a printing company will make use of a stamping method to create enhanced aesthetics bound to fit each individual’s desired project and their custom needs. House of Printing is one such company offering appealing foil stamping options such as the commonly sought-after gold foil stamping. We aim to please each customer by producing top quality products at an affordable price. Request a sample today.