What Different Fonts Say About Your Business

Your brand’s visual identity comprises four elements: color, design, typography, and your logo. These elements play a huge role in setting your company apart from others and allowing your customers to recognize your brand instantly. Typography plays a significant part in defining your company. If you’re thinking about re-branding or need help choosing a font for your brand, here is what different fonts say about your business.

Sans Serif Font

Sans Serif fonts are easy to read, modern, and clean. Sans Serif is best for companies that demonstrate simplicity, poise, and sincerity. This font ditches the decorative elements and gives off a straightforward and no-tolerance vibe. Brands that use Sans Serif are Google, Chanel, Spotify, and LinkedIn.

Display Font

Display fonts are highly customizable and evoke inspiration. These fonts stand out from most others because they add personality to your brand and trigger an emotional response. Brands that use display fonts are Lego, Disney, McDonald’s, Sega, and Fanta.

Script Font

Script fonts are fancier than most of the font types. Script fonts resemble handwritten typography and embody creativity, elegance, and intelligence traits. Using script fonts for your brand feel more personal and inspirational. Brands that use script fonts are Coca-Cola, Instagram, Sharpie, and Kellogg’s.

Modern Font

Modern fonts are eye-catching and perfect for developing brands. Modern fonts have simple and legible elements while promoting exclusivity and intelligence. Brands that use modern fonts are Facebook, Hulu, YouTube, and Adobe.

Serif Font

Serif fonts have been around since the beginning of printing. This font evokes feelings of class and culture and is best to portray that your company is trustworthy and established. Serif fonts encourage respect and are best for high-end brands or brands with great authority. Brands that use Serif fonts are the New York Times, Vogue, Tiffany & Co, Dior, Sony, and Ferrari.

Now that you’ve learned five different fonts and their meanings, what do you think your font says about your business? Is it sending the right message? Typography is beyond arranging letters in an aesthetically appealing way. Typography combines fonts, structure, and appearance to evoke emotional responses and inspire people. To choose a compelling font, you must identify your brand and the goals you’re trying to reach by choosing your particular look.

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