What To Know About Sleeking

When it comes to printing, there is only so much you can do. You can get the perfect colors and defined lines. You can get a print with full detail on different paper types so give it a glossy or matte finish, but what if you only wanted parts of the printed project to be glossy or matte. What if you wanted different elements of your project to stand out?

Now there is a way to use foils in your print projects that is easier and cheaper. Sleeking™ is a digital print finishing method that allows gloss, matte, holographic impressions, and metalized backgrounds (like silver and gold) to be incorporated into the printed image. Sleeking can create unique and impressive looks for any of your printing projects, adding a dynamic look and creating interest.

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House of Printing Inc. is proud to add Sleeking to our long list of printing capabilities! Sleeking is growing in popularity and is used as an optical effect, giving your printings a more interesting look and a beautiful finish. Sleeking is often used to enhance the look of business cards, wedding or event invitations, greeting cards, and more. This metallic foil gives products a luxurious feel, which could help add value to you prints.

While the Sleeking results are similar to foil stamping, they involve different methods which may cause you to choose one over the other. Foil stamping was the method that was generally used when metallic foils were asked to be used in a printing project, but with the rise of Sleeking, it is likely to lose its value and popularity. What is different about these two methods?

Foil Stamping:

When foil stamping is used to apply metallic foil onto a print, it uses a heated die on the foil to make it permanently adhere to the surface of the print, leaving the design of the die. This method takes more time to complete than Sleeking and is also a more expensive option.

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This system of printing with metallic foils, holographic impressions, and gloss or matte finishes, uses a different method. The foil and other special features of a print are transferred using a technology that bonds the foil to a digital ink. This bond creates special effects and unique designs without the use of dies. The special effects will only stick to the digital inks, allowing for an easier and quicker way to add foil and other effects to your prints.

Due to the fact that dies are needed in foil stamping, Sleeking is the more cost friendly option and can be done quicker. There are many different things that can be done with Sleeking, allowing you to create the look you want for all of your print projects.

Full Page Sleeking

Full page Sleeking creates the look of having your prints laminated. This process adds a matte, gloss, or holographic coating to your prints. This coating bonds with the toner on your project and give it the high-quality look. Full page Sleeking allows your prints to be crack-resistant and prolongs the life.

Digital Spot Sleeking

Digital spot sleeking is similar to Spot UV, but as stated before, is less expensive and offers quicker turnaround. Spot Sleeking allows for only certain aspects and elements to be enhanced with gloss, matte, metallic foil, or holographic effects. If you want to draw more attention or highlight logos, text, images, or other aspects of the print rather than covering the whole page, you can do so with spot Sleeking. This is a great way to draw certain elements out of your projects and highlight what is important.

Holographic Sleeking

Holographic film is used in holographic Sleeking allowing for a unique and eye-catching look. With spot or overall coating, the effects can be designed for your needs. This holographic film will catch light and will grab attention instantly. This type of Sleeking can give your prints a beautiful and unique element, creating an image that is unlike any other. This holographic film could add a lot to your prints.

Variable Data Sleeking

This is similar to variable data foiling, in which foil is used to add design and a personal touch to prints, and products like invitations, business cards, certificates, and announcements. This allows you to get the same look as foil stamping but with less time and money wasted.

Sleeking is a great way to enhance your prints in different ways. If you are looking to give your business cards, books, postcards, stationery, or anything else a personal and unique touch, Sleeking is the way to do it. Make your printing projects more interesting by adding a matte, gloss, metallic foil, or holographic Sleeking to them.

There are different methods to achieve Sleeking. The first method we will cover is a three-step method that is the quickest way to get the Sleeking look.


Method 1:

This method consists of a three-step process. The first step is to print only the aspects of the print that should be covered in the metallic foil, holographic, matte, or gloss finish on coated or matte paper. Then these sheets are run through the laminator where the foil or film is bonded to the digital ink, leaving behind a metallic, holographic, gloss, or matte look. The final step is print the rest of the print, giving the original image a look that is unique. The combination of the original print and the foil, matte or gloss coating, or holographic design can create a beautiful and interesting look to your prints.

Method 2:

This method is a four-step process, adding a step which allows for more dynamic options. In this method, the first step is to print everything besides the portion or elements that are going to have foiling or spot finishing applied. The second step of this process is to laminate the entire sheet with a special gloss or matte laminate. The laminated prints are then rerun through the printer, where ink is only applied to the areas where foil finishing or spot UV is desired. The final step is to run the prints through the Sleeking laminator, which applies the desired finish to the areas that the ink is applied.

These Sleeking methods are easier to use than the older Foil Stamping method, they take less time to print and finish and, are less expensive than Foil Stamping. This is a great way to give your printing project a luxurious touch and help your prints stand out.

House of Printing Inc. now offers Sleeking to give your printing projects the personal and detailed touch. Add metallic foil, holographic film, or a matte or gloss coating to make your prints more interesting, eye catching, and give them a touch of professionalism.

If you are looking to add a unique touch to your prints, this could be the perfect printing service for you! Add metallic foil to your wedding invitations or graduation announcements. Add a holographic film to your post cards for a unique appearance. Or add a matte coating to your business cards! At House of Printing, we can help you get the printing elements that give you the look you want! Contact us today with any questions you may have and start your printing project today!