Setting up your artwork correctly is essential to achieving a finished project that focuses on every detail. At House of Printing, we want you to be satisfied with all your prints. To help you achieve your print project goals, we offer various print shop die and template capabilities. The main templates you’ll find here are for various envelopes, folders, and brochures. These standardized templates will help make sure your prints are set up for success.

Browse through these templates to find an example that relates to your project and get exact specs for borders, lines, and where to place your text. If you have any questions, or want to order a sample, get in touch with our print shop in Burtonsville today.

Additional Print Shop Tools and Resources

Looking for more in-depth resources and help to complete your project? Our print shop is the perfect place to start. In addition to our print shop die and template capabilities, we provide information and guidance on what type of paper, ink, and other tools you need to create the print project you have in mind. These resources are available to individuals, artisans, and businesses who are interested in having their work professionally printed at House of Printing.