Sleeking is a new and improved foil stamping service. Add metallic foils, holographic impressions, and matte or gloss finishes to your printing projects for an enhanced look and a beautiful finish. Our new Amiga Foil Sleeker allows us to add style, dimension, and great looks to your business cards, event invitations, and more, taking your prints to the next level.

Sleeking Types

With different types of sleeking, we can make sure your prints look how you imagined. With full-page, digital spot, holographic, and variable data sleeking, you have many options for your foils stamping service.

Full Page Sleeking

With full-page sleeking, your prints appear to be laminated and are given a crack-resistant layer that allows for a longer life. When you choose digital foil printing, you can get a matte, gloss, or holographic coating on your prints for a finish that is creative and beautiful.

Digital Spot Sleeking

Highlight different aspects of your prints with digital spot sleeking. With spot sleeking, only certain elements of your prints can be highlighted with the matte, gloss, holographic, or metallic foil finish. Add sleeking to your logo, text, or an image to enhance and draw attention to different aspects of your project. This allows you to highlight what is important.

Holographic Sleeking

Add an eye-catching design to your prints with holographic sleeking. This unique foil stamping service adds a new design element to your prints and can set your project apart.

Variable Data Sleeking

Similar to variable data foiling, variable data sleeking uses foils, generally metallic, to add design to your prints. Give your business cards, invitations, or any of printing project a special touch with metallic foil.

Sleeking Methods

There are two different sleeking methods.

Method 1:

This is a three-step process.

  • Step 1: print only the parts of the print that you want enhanced with gloss, matte, foil, or holographic finish.
  • Step 2: run the prints through the laminator and the foil or film is added by bonding to digital ink.
  • Step 3: print the remainder of the print project, enhancing the original look with the foil or film sleeking.

Method 2:

This four-step digital foil printing process allows you to create with more options.

  • Step 1: print everything except for the areas that will have foil or film added.
  • Step 2: laminate the entire sheet with gloss or matte laminate.
  • Step 3: prints are rerun through the printer where ink is only applies to areas where sleeking is desired.
  • Step 4: prints are run through the sleeking laminator where foil or film are applied to the desired area.

Some Benefits of Sleeking:

Here are a few benefits of our new Amiga Foil Sleeker.

  • It can enhance digital prints with spot foiling and gloss UV
  • Variable data foiling, a new technology never available before now, can be used for both short and long run applications
  • Allows for soft touch laminate and spot UV coating for digital foil printing
  • Much less expensive and time-consuming than traditional foil stamping
  • No expensive dies or set-up needed for our new process

If you think your printing projects could benefit from foil stamping services, contact us today to learn more about Sleeking and get started!

Watch our video to see how it all works!