We are living in a very digital world, with social media platforms to stay connected, cell phones to communicate, and movies being filmed in 8K resolution. But when you take a step back, the print world is still creating beautiful products that help individuals and businesses to stand out from the rest. House of Printing is a full-service print shop serving the areas between Washington and Baltimore and we are passionate about providing superior products and customer service to each customer. Understanding that our customers live in a modern world, we offer some of the most innovative print and digital printing services that utilize the newest equipment and technology to design and create custom print pieces for a variety of needs.

Foil Stamping

One of the innovative print services we offer is foil stamping. And even though this process has been used for thousands of years, House of Printing has brought it into the 21st century. To see how far foil stamping has come, let’s look at where it began.

As far back as the medieval ages in Europe, artists would use tools to beat gold foil into leather bound books. The gold would need to be a quarter-millionth of an inch before they could apply the material. As literacy rates grew and books became more popular, and as the printing press was developed, new methods were eventually created to more effectively cover a book with gold foil.