How Print Can Help Your Business

Businesses are beginning to run more and more on technology, but that doesn’t mean plenty of business types no longer require different printed projects. From business cards to annual reports, printing is a major part of many businesses and helps different industries thrive. Picking up a flyer or brochure may win some people over more than an online ad, making the printing project an aspect of a business that cannot be replaced.

There are many different printing projects that can be beneficial to a business and can help them grow. While there is a large variety of industries, there is also a variety of what can be printed, making it possible for every business to benefit from turning to paper.

At House Of Printing, we offer many different printing services and can print just about anything. We offer different styles of paper, ink processes, and even a Sleeking™ and foil stamping printing process that is new to our business! We can help your business with just about any printing process and ensure that you get the highest quality of prints, because we know your business can thrive off of these projects.

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Even if you think your business does not need any printing services, you may find that a brochure or even a postcard could help your business. In this blog, we are going to cover a few of the many items we can prints and how they can help your business.

Business Cards

First we will cover the most obvious and popular printing project that many businesses use. Business cards first appeared in England and France around the sixteenth century. Back then they were called bearer cards. Since that time they have grown in popularity and offer many different benefits.

Business cards not only allow you advertise your business, but they can also allow you to create a brand for your business, which is important in running a successful business. These miniature forms of advertising can be designed in just about any way to better let your business be represented by a simple business card. Do you own a coffee shop? A business card that is cut in the shape of a togo coffee cup is a fun and simple way to show people who you are and what you do. A photographer can design their business card to resemble a camera, standing out from the rest while making it easy to know what they do. The design of your business card is important and the ability to catch a stranger’s attention is what gets you more customers. To learn more about business card design, read our past blog!

Business cards are also easy and convenient, making the process of spreading your business name a simple process. If you meet someone on the street who is looking for an interior designer or a landscaper, simply hand them your business card (if you are in the industry) and you will be on their mind the next time they look at their yard or living room. A business card is easy to carry around, easy to access, and simple to hand to anyone. They are also easy for potential customers to hold on to and get your information from in seconds. Imagine meeting the same stranger on the street looking for a landscaper and you tell them to look up your business, telling them the name that they can look up once they get home. Do you actually think that they will be able to remember the name of your business by the time the make it back to their home? Probably not. That is why business cards are important. They make it easy and extremely convenient to get your information out there and allow people to access the information quickly, with little effort.

We could go on and on about business cards, but let’s move on to some of the other printing items that can help your business.

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Catalogs may seem like old news, especially since technology is taking over many advertising mediums. But print catalogs can be very beneficial and may be making a comeback. According to Harvard Business Review, print catalogs are once again becoming a popular form of marketing after the decline during the Great Recession. Not only are companies like J.C. Penney bringing back their catalog, but other digital retailers, including Birchbox and Bonobos, are starting print catalogs of their own. This shows that catalogs may be better forms of advertising than most people think that are.

While many catalogs are sent out based on targeted mailing lists, other are often sent with items purchased from an online store, helping to generate more sales. This is a great way for people to have quick access to your products and see them all in one place, no scrolling or clicking involved. Think about a Pottery Barn, or another furniture store, catalog. It is full of their products set up in a picture perfect living room. This helps inspire those who are terrible at decorating and give people ideas on the look they are going for, which generally translates in sales.

But catalogs offer many other benefits as well. Not only do they display your products and make it easier for people to visualize them, but catalogs can also help build you brand. The same way business cards build your brand, catalogs can escalate that even further. Creating a catalog that follows your brand and offers the same themes, styles, and feel can help define your business and brand more.

Since catalogs are generally sent out based on the targeted mailing list or along with online sales, you are also gaining more exposure. Sending catalogs to a targeted group means that you can broaden your client reach and gain more exposure. And adding catalogs to your online order shipments can also help. If the online customer finds the catalog in their package and lays it on their table, that means roommates, family members, and anyone else who happens to see it can also be exposed to your brand and business. This is a simple and great way to grow your client base and get your business more exposure.



If you think postcard marketing doesn’t exist, think about your dentist or vet clinic. Many of us get postcards in the mail reminding us that our next cleaning needs to be scheduled, or that our pup is due for shots. And do they work? Yes, generally after receiving these postcards in the mail we call to make an appointment or mark it in our calendars. This simple system not only get people acting, but it also feels more personal.

Postcards can be personalized, more than most other forms of marketing. You can not only target your main audience but you can target a single person, a customer or client who you may not have seen in awhile, or just about anyone else. Postcards, like business cards, can be designed to specifically follow your business’s brand. They can feature a products, announce a sale, describe a new service, or even remind people that they are due for a checkup.

For some additional tips on how to marketing with postcards and how to best design them, read our past blog!


While most of your communication with customers and clients may be over email, every so often you may need to send letters or other information through the mail. When this happens, you want to have your stationery representing your brand. Your stationery, business cards, catalogs, and everything else that corresponds with your business should all have the same branding, design, and style. Having your logo, business name, and other design factors that represent your business on your stationery can help to keep your brand image strong and allow your letters stand out to people.

Having stationery that displays your brand is good for networking. It is the first thing clients and other businesses will see and adds a sense of professionalism to your brand and the way your business works. Attempting to add your logo to letters and other printouts using your computer’s word processor will only look unprofessional and have a negative effect on clients. House Of Printing can help make sure you get the best look for your stationery.

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Flyers are another source of marketing that may seem outdated. But good ol’ flyers offer many benefits and can help your business in a few ways. First of all, flyers are a less expensive form of advertising, meaning you can get them spread around town easily and get your business more exposure.

Flyers also allow you to get creative and use your branding to create something that will catch potential clients’ eyes. These designs can help to promote a sale, give information about your business, or offer coupons. There are also many different ways that flyers can be distributed. Some of these methods includes person-to-person, newspaper inserts, door-to-door, or having them in store for people to grab. With so many methods on spreading your company’s flyers around, you are sure to pick up a few new customers, your exposure will grow, and you can often track your success with coupon codes or other measures.

Flyers are a great tool to use to simply attract your customers. Once they have an incentive to come into your business, you will be able to show them why they should work with you. An incentive could include anything we mentioned above: coupon codes, sales, vouchers, or anything else you can offer to get people interested in your business.

These are only a few of the many different items that can be printed to use for your business, whether you are marketing, advertising a sale, or just trying to get your business name out there, you can use just about anything. Some other printing mediums that can be beneficial to your business include: brochures, door hangers, forms, newsletters, manuals, posters, signs, and so many more.

Just because the age of technology has made a huge impact on how business is run and advertising is done, does not mean that print is no longer an option. Print will also be useful and items like the business card will never be outdated. A business card could be the difference between you and your competitor, who has a huge online presence but doesn’t know anything about print marketing.

For all of your printing needs, let the House Of Printing help you out. We offer many different printing services, from book printing to presentation material and everything in between! If your business is looking for an additional source of marketing and hoping to gain exposure in a different way, considerer printing projects. We can help you will all of your printing needs, giving you a professional look and allowing your business to grow! Contact us today with any questions you may have and take a look at our equipment and capabilities!