1. Print Products For Events

    Whether it’s a tradeshow, a product launch party, or a community event, summer is a great time of year to plan events that will increase your business’s brand awareness and put your name out into the world. However, planning an event is so much more than just reserving a venue and telling people to show up. There are a variety of print materials that will help people understand the point of th…Read More

  2. How to Design a Wedding Invitation: Top 9 Tips

    December is one of the most popular months to propose. With winter engagements, this gives couples enough time to plan for a mid to late summer wedding! So if you are in the middle of planning, you have probably booked a venue already, figured out your theme or colors, and have narrowed down your guest list. Another big step in planning a wedding is having invitations created in time for them to b…Read More

  3. How to Design an Effective Brochure – Part II

    In our last post, we discussed how to design a brochure that makes it easy for readers to quickly understand the given message, whether that’s through the chosen font, how the words are arranged on the paper, or having a clear understanding of who your audience is and what their needs are. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about a few more methods on designing a brochure that is engaging,…Read More

  4. How to Design an Effective Brochure – Part I

    Whether your business is attending a trade show or if you’re wanting to create marketing materials to have on hand at your office, brochures are a great way to provide information to potential clients or customers in an easy and accessible way. The hard part, however, is designing a brochure that grabs people’s attention and displays the information in a way that is easy to read. A well design…Read More

  5. Digital Vs. Offset Printing

    At House of Printing, we offer a wide variety of printing services to suit the needs of our customers. Our services help customers create everything from beautiful business cards to annual reports and brochures. Among our services, we offer both digital printing and offset printing to choose from. In this blog, we’ll outline the differences between the two, so you can better decide which printin…Read More

  6. Are Business Cards Irrelevant?

    As a businessperson, how are you marketing yourself? Do you have ads running? Are you utilizing SEO tactics? While those are all great and effective means ofspreading the word about your business, a classic business card is also extremely effective. It is said that print is dying, but here at House of Printing, we believe that is quite the opposite. Business cards are often handed to prospective c…Read More

  7. How to Choose the Right Font

    When you’re starting to design a project, whether it’s a poster for a concert or a business card, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. There are so many things to consider, including color, the layout, graphics, words and phrases, and the font. You can have an idea for the color theme and the layout, but when you stick in the font you want, it somehow throws off the whole look and feel. Bec…Read More

  8. What is Variable Data Printing?

    Chances are that if you have sent out multiple invitations to something or if you handle print projects at your business, that you’ve used Variable Data Printing (VDP). But these are just basic ways to use this printing technique and incorporating VDP into your marketing strategy can make a big impact. If you’re not familiar with the technique, or if you want to learn more about the process, k…Read More

  9. 4 Marketing Materials Your Small Business Should Have On Hand

    Here at House of Printing in Burtonsville, we are proud to provide professional printing services to aid small businesses in better marketing their company. We know how difficult it can be to get the word out when you are just beginning, which is why we work hard to offer you high-quality web to print options. From stunning foil printing to pristine color prints, we can work with you to ensure you…Read More

  10. Everything You Need To Know About Ink And Environmentally-Friendly Printing

    When it comes to the inks utilized in printing, there are a variety of factors to consider. While you undoubtedly want a high-quality ink that will provide a rich look, did you know that different inks also impact the planet in different ways? Here at House Of Printing, our print shop is committed to using environmentally friendly methods in our printing process, including the use of eco-friendly …Read More